You’re making my dreams come true.

You came little and adorable, 
and left us very soon. 
But you taught us to smile. 
And reminded us to be cool. 
You were kind and forward. 
You were alive and giggly. 
You were a pro and an amateur. 
And you were light to the world around you. 
You were many things to many people. 
But to a lot of us, 
you were a dream maker. 
For most dream lives away waiting for someone
who can light it up. 
And you, you sir, made our 
dreams come true. 

…because love wins.

You are a beautiful thing.

This is one of my favorite songs, forever, and for always. You are a beautiful thing. Because God made you that way. Accept it, and let it be beautiful.

…because love wins.

Your Heart is a Muscle.

“It’s times like this you must be calm. You gotta work it out, make it stronger, try for me, just a little longer. You say love’s a fragile thing, made of glass, but I think your heart is a muscle.”

Our hearts do not just break. They hurt when they stretch, but they get stronger after that. Don’t you give up. You will not break.

Your heart is a muscle.

…because love wins.