My heart will fly.

Why this happened I cannot explain,
Why write the script with such heartache and pain?
Could there not have been an easier way?
Washing life through this glass so faded,
I cannot see the bigger picture taking place.
Oh, to understand one day.
My heart will fly,
when I finally see You face to face.
And my tears, will fly away.

…because love wins.

Healing begins. Now.

so you thought you had to keep this up,
all the work that you do,
so we think that you’re good.
and you can’t believe it’s not enough.
all the walls you built up
are just glass on the outside.
so let them all fall down.
there’s freedom waiting in the sound.
we’re here now.

this is where the healing begins.
this is where the healing starts.
when you come to where you’re broken within,
the light meets the dark.

Do you wish to be healed?

…because love wins.

Less of me.

I ask You what you want for me,
and You keep silence all around.
I beg you for direction,
and there is nothing but the light of the sun.
I wonder at the future,
and I know no more than I know now.

And though most would think that I am not getting what I want, I have learned that I myself do not know at all what I want. I have a quiet soul, whispering stillness beyond any of my frustration. I see beauty as it should be, and I have gotten every answer. And I am not in need.

My soul rejoices and I see,
that all I want is more of You, and less of me.

Everything is beautiful.

…because love wins.