depression: a retrospective.

This is a great friend of mine. And I think this is a brilliant overview of depression. Check it out.

through the trees

Depression. A word with such a wide interpretation depending on the individual. For some it means simply, “I’m sad” from any reason to the weather is not ideal, or they didn’t have my favorite brand of ice cream at the store. For others, it is a powerful demon that you have to battle every day, or for significant periods of time.

I recently went through a season of depression. If I’m totally honest, I absolutely hated every minute of it while I was going through it. By the grace of God, I’m no longer in that season and even more beautiful is that I’m starting to see how going through the process has shaped me, changed my perspective and ultimately helped me grow.

In hopes that I might help other people going through depression, or provide some understanding for those who have a loved one struggling with depression I have…

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Beauty, beauty.

Your life is your lesson. You can’t change what people say to you, how they handle your quirks and imperfections, or even sometimes what you say when you’re not thinking. But you can learn. You can grow. And you can take everything we learned in school and make yourself the student, and life the teacher. Your life is your lesson. And you’re getting straight A’s.

…because love wins.