About Shanna

Nearly a year inpatient for chemotherapy.

A sought after speaker (though her presentations are experiences, not just words) in the United States and across the ocean, Shanna Decker has stories very different than most young adults and professional speakers. Faced with life and death at the age of seven when she was diagnosed with stage four bone cancer, she has grieved, laughed, and thrived through more than most will face throughout their entire life.

She has a backwards leg, and it propels her forward – in so many ways. This is so because in order to save her life, doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN needed to remove her leg. The best option was this procedure called Rotationplasty in which her ankle is used as her knee. See the gallery on her website for more information!

Throughout the past decade and a half she has walked alongside thousands faced with childhood cancer as their mentor, coach, and hope. She has buried her best friends as they passed away from the disease which she survived, rejoiced with survivors, and held parents watching their children fall away in front of them. She is an old soul, lover of all, and humble before all things.

After nine years of visiting families with amputation and cancer across the United States nearly full-time, Shanna’s family took part in founding Brighter Tomorrows, an organization created for the purpose of bringing together and healing families who are facing childhood cancer. She is the young adult and children’s activity director for a program she instituted called BLAST – Bonding, Loving, and Sharing Truth. Her mother still remains the organization’s vice president. See the Friends tab on Shanna’s website for full details on Brighter Tomorrows.

Cancer fighters – never alone.

Today, she works full-time in administration for a school district touched deeply by childhood cancer to empower students in the midst of tragedy. She also maintains her ever growing volunteer life of fundraising, raising awareness for childhood cancer, and worldwide inspiring.

Shanna prays you find healing here. That inspiration wraps you tightly in its arms, and that her stories and musings lead you to deeper peace, and to know that you are never alone. May these words lead you to know that love always wins. And that because of that, we live fully now.

Feel free to contact Shanna on this blog, through her website, Facebook, and Twitter with questions of any kind, to get to know her, or to hire her for your event. There exists not a person in this world who would say she has not changed their lives for the better. Feel free to ask them too.


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