“’cause I don’t want you to know where I am
’cause then you’ll see my heart
In the saddest state it’s ever been.”

Yeah, that’s what you tell me with your eyes. But, the beautiful part about knowing you fully, is that I’ve seen it for a long time, and loved you as you were to start with.

Love is something different than the world would like to think it is most of the time. It really does make all things new. It really is enough. It really does change everything. And it really doesn’t have any rules.

…because love wins.


A couple sets of eyes understood mine today. They sparkled as they whispered: “It’s ok. I understand this. Just rest; there’s nothing else you were called to do.” They told me to take another step, and then stop. To sit down, and to know that there is nothing more I need to do than be present. Those words have been said before, but mean more this time than they did before. You and I pondered that it was a bit more mature than we’ve been before. We’re not going to crash this time, but we’re going to know that we need to pause. That we can lay and be silent, and let the grace meet us. We’ll always reach an end. We’re but humans, and love is so much more than enough. We don’t need to use energy to convince ourselves; it just is.

…because love wins.

Don’t Go.

When I walk into the gates, I’m going to turn and look at you. I’ll marvel at why we understood, and why we never wanted to leave. We’ll take each other’s hands, and we’ll know more than we ever did. And, you’ll know me and live it all forever. And I’ll love you and we’ll never say goodbye. And we’ll sit next to each other and watch the clouds move on and the colors we hadn’t even experienced before. And, you’ll look at me and smile, and “Don’t go,” we’ll never say again.

I love you.

…because love wins.


I cannot even grasp how beautifully blessed I am.

The Christmas music played lightly behind us. There were blocks spread all over the living room, and the dishes left in the kitchen. You just laughed with me covered in Johnson and Johnson, and were wrapped in that plush blue towel. We were all laughing, so you started to laugh too. (Don’t ever grow up, please.) We got excited when you started to really learn how to crawl. We were ecstatic, in fact. Your dad helped you for a second, and you went back to doing it how you knew how to do it, less effectively, because you didn’t understand the new, better way. I smiled, at how we’re all like you. How our Father and family rejoice over us trying, and we make mistakes, and fail to learn, yet, they do nothing but rejoice. It’s all so simple. Try. Be loved. Make mistakes. Be loved. Dream. Be loved. Laugh. Cry. Be confused. Be loved.

When they come to my funeral, I don’t want them to think of the grand things. Nothing about the stages, and nothing about the videos, or radio spots. Nothing about the articles, and the writings. Speak to them. Let them know that it was nothing more than the simple things. Let them know that it’s never been about anything more than the smallest of things. Let them know that the simple things are in fact, the most astonishing. Let them be astonished. Not by me, but by the small things. Let them know that they can come as they are. And let them know that there, they are loved.

Rejoice with them while they learn to crawl.

You’re astonishing. Grace is everywhere. With my life, I thank You.

…because love wins.

Blue Eyes.

More than you’ll let yourself.
Bigger than you are.
Everything you can.
This really is all real.
Fast, and hard, and forever.
You have much to learn. (so do I.)
You were created to be like the ears of the world.
“Think about the love inside the strength of heart.”
Breathe it all in, and shoot for where you’ve never been.

I see.

You’ve never been a failure.

You never will be.

…because love wins.