God’s real.

Have you ever actually star-gazed?
Have you ever felt the power of the ocean?
Have you ever laid in your bed long enough to feel the sun on your face?
Have you listened to the silence right outside a city?
Have you run through a grassy plain?
Have you let the rain fall on your skin?
Have you watched a deer walk in the early morning light?
Have you let the sunset take your breath away?
Have you stood behind a waterfall?
Have you watched a grasshopper hop?
Have you ever watched the snow fall from your window at twilight?
Have you ever seen a comet shoot across the sky?

Have you ever wanted to? Have you ever wanted to know that there’s maybe something beyond you? Or have you been afraid that if you stopped so long as to let it change you that you might find you’re not in control? But what if you witness, experience, and live, and find that maybe, you’re just not in control?

Take a chance. Let life change you for the better. Let your heart be alive. Witness what Someone greater than you created. Witness just a fraction of how loved you are.

…because love wins.



To the one who’s dreams have fallen all apart.
And all you’re left with is a tired and broken heart.
I can tell by your eyes you think you’re on your own.

But you’re not alone.

Have you heard of the One who can calm the raging sea?
Give sight to the blind?
Pull the lame up to their feet?
With a Love so strong, it’ll never let you go.

No, you’re not alone.

You will be safe in His arms.
Cuz the hands that hold the world are holding your heart.
This is the promise He made.
He will be with you always.
When everything is falling apart…

You will be safe in His arms.

Did you know that the voice that brings the dead to life,
is the very same voice that calls you now to rise?
So hear Him now,
He’s calling you home.

You will never be alone.

You will be safe in His arms.
Cuz the hands that hold the world are holding your heart.
This is the promise He made.
He will be with you always.
When everything is falling apart…

You will be safe in His arms.

These are the hands that built the mountains.
The hands that calm the sea.
These are the arms that hold the Heavens.
They are holding you and me.
These are the hands that heal the leper.
Pulled the lame up to their feet.
These are the arms that were nailed to the cross,
to break our chains and set us free.

You will be safe in His arms.

When everything is falling apart, you will be safe in His arms.


…because love wins.

It’s the heart.

The national debt is a place in which we cannot even grasp it. People grab each other’s lives to tear them down to get money. People are dying in Africa of disease. People are dying in America of affluence. Kids forget to talk to their parents. Parents never see their kids. We all move so fast that we cannot stop long enough to even notice that the colors changed on the trees around us. We eat until we can’t breathe, and we keep our money rather than using it to use our time to help anyone who is falling apart. We don’t sit down and have meals with people, or give hugs when people are crying. We’re all too overwhelmed to notice anything beyond the box that we live in. And we spend all of our lives looking for an answer to our unsettledness.

Stop looking outside for a solution.

Start looking in.

Until we change as units, we will never change as a whole.

Be a drop in the ocean that restores the silence that calms the soul.

Be who you were supposed to be.

And then, when we realize that everything is a heart matter, we’ll find what exactly we’re looking for.

We’ll find the peace we all want when we realize it already lives within us.

…because love wins.

What if you died today?

Oh, believe me, I know that line is thrown around often. I know that it’s cliche. (Btw, most cliches are worth listening to. And pondering. But that’s another topic for another day.) I know that people don’t understand what they are asking when they ask it. I know that it’s course. I know that it makes a person uncomfortable. I know that it sometimes doesn’t make any difference when it is answered. I know that sometimes, even when it is asked, it’s never thought about.

But what if you did?

What if you walked out into the street today, and that car didn’t stop like you thought it was going to? What if one of those cars going 70 caught the road wrong, and flipped over, and caught you in the wake? What if you drove too late, and those tired eyes you have actually caught you, and you lost control yourself? Or what if the even more unexpected things happened? What if a blood vessel broke in your brain at.this.very.moment? What if you have a heart defect that no one knows about? What if you tripped and didn’t catch yourself when you fell?

What your mother and father and family and close friends got a phone call about you tonight?

What if I attended your funeral in three days?

No, I’m not suggesting that you live every moment in fear. But what I am suggesting is that in this world where we are harder than cement to the images on the news and the front pages of magazines of starvation and injustice, that we do something. That at minimum, we ask ourselves if we would be content with leaving those people we have not forgiven, or if we would be happy with all the times we were too proud to say, “I love you.” I beg that we ask if people would come to our funerals to talk about the way our lives were light, full of encouragement, and bettered the world every second we lived. I beg that we ask of ourselves if we even understand that one day, we will simply not exist here.

Just do something.

Just learn that you are just not going to live forever. Do you even understand that?

No, I’m going to guess that we do not. Because you see, if we understood that every day of our lives could very well be our last, we would live every moment just so incredibly different than we do now. We would stop for people to cross the road. We would do our homework with joy. We would climb mountains and take photos and write letters and read the Bible. We would fight for the dying, and the starving, and the widows, and the broken. We would never use painful sarcasm. We would hold hands and give long hugs.

And we would cry over the beautiful things in life.

And we would tell every single person in our life about the light within us. His name is Jesus. It’s all we live for.

What if you died today?

Did you live everything thinking you could die today?

Don’t waste time thinking you didn’t.

Start now.

Time is running low.

Because every one of us doesn’t have forever on this earth.

And we need a world full of people living like they aren’t going to live forever.

We need you.

Because Jesus put you here to be alive.

And Jesus needs you to be alive.

So that this world can really never die.

…because love wins.