God’s real.

Have you ever actually star-gazed?
Have you ever felt the power of the ocean?
Have you ever laid in your bed long enough to feel the sun on your face?
Have you listened to the silence right outside a city?
Have you run through a grassy plain?
Have you let the rain fall on your skin?
Have you watched a deer walk in the early morning light?
Have you let the sunset take your breath away?
Have you stood behind a waterfall?
Have you watched a grasshopper hop?
Have you ever watched the snow fall from your window at twilight?
Have you ever seen a comet shoot across the sky?

Have you ever wanted to? Have you ever wanted to know that there’s maybe something beyond you? Or have you been afraid that if you stopped so long as to let it change you that you might find you’re not in control? But what if you witness, experience, and live, and find that maybe, you’re just not in control?

Take a chance. Let life change you for the better. Let your heart be alive. Witness what Someone greater than you created. Witness just a fraction of how loved you are.

…because love wins.

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