He loved me first.

As I wander around the beautiful yellows and oranges of a bluff-city autumn, my mind wanders to things beyond the world.
What must have He thought the day He created the light and the dark?
I’m sure it was nothing like what I would have thought.
(His thoughts are not like my thoughts. And His ways not like my ways.)
He knew already that I would walk in this place and gaze upon His creation.
He knew that the breeze would make me come alive.
He knew what would break my heart.
And He knew what I would hope for and fear.
He colored the trees for me.
And he made the ocean so I could adore.
He gave me a future.
And hope beyond myself.
And brought a smile to my heart that I could not have put there on my own.

Some would say it’s just another season of the year. I think it’s a beautiful time to be romanced in a way that reminds me so perfectly that He loved me first.

…because love wins.

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