College, check.
One night. One day.
Over and over and over again, until I held in my possession a piece of paper that means something in this life, it seems.
But, what I have learned in the last four years is not on a piece of paper.
It’s in my heart, my mind, and my soul.
It is the scream within me that as soon as I walked across that stage,
I was going to be a better influence in this world.
That I would let my heart be used to free people.
From addiction.
From fear.
From anxiety.
From brokenness.
From poverty.
Of money, and of soul.

There is a lot to process in the weeks that follow a college graduation. No longer is the crutch of, “I’m a student.” That statement alone has wrapped hearts into thinking they could avoid the way they were to be wrapped with one another. That statement sometimes kept us from simply being who we were supposed to be. Working, reaching, being as we should.

Who am I really?

I am not a student.
I am not a career seeker.
I am me.

For the first time ever, I will explain to you, that who I am is not what I do. It is not a compilation of the dreams I have or the things I’ve done. Who I am is my interaction with each person I meet. The belief I have in the power of the human workforce, and that kindness and devotion can actually change the world. In fact, that they are the only thing that can.

There is a lot more that matters these days in America than what we see. Dare I say, we’ll notice it if we close the media, turn off the computer, pick up a shovel, or sweep a kitchen? There is work to be done. We have ourselves. We have each other.

And what we spend our time talking about that we think matters, will soon fall away.

Soon enough, we’ll realize that us, our bodies, our love, and our greater hope in Jesus really is all that mattered.

At the start of “real life” those things that matter are what I am standing on.

Join me?

…because love wins.