It’s the heart.

The national debt is a place in which we cannot even grasp it. People grab each other’s lives to tear them down to get money. People are dying in Africa of disease. People are dying in America of affluence. Kids forget to talk to their parents. Parents never see their kids. We all move so fast that we cannot stop long enough to even notice that the colors changed on the trees around us. We eat until we can’t breathe, and we keep our money rather than using it to use our time to help anyone who is falling apart. We don’t sit down and have meals with people, or give hugs when people are crying. We’re all too overwhelmed to notice anything beyond the box that we live in. And we spend all of our lives looking for an answer to our unsettledness.

Stop looking outside for a solution.

Start looking in.

Until we change as units, we will never change as a whole.

Be a drop in the ocean that restores the silence that calms the soul.

Be who you were supposed to be.

And then, when we realize that everything is a heart matter, we’ll find what exactly we’re looking for.

We’ll find the peace we all want when we realize it already lives within us.

…because love wins.

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