“I suffer with depression.”

“It’s the stigma that makes you hold it in and you hide it, because the stigma around depression in our society is very real. Unfortunately we live in a world where if you break your arm, everyone runs to sign your cast. But when you say you have depression, they run away. We can’t procrastinate on something this important.”

This, my friend says it all really well. Please watch – understand depression.

Depression is real. It’s not weak.


…because love wins.

One thought on ““I suffer with depression.”

  1. This is great.. Thank you so much for speaking up for this, too.
    I’m following your blog, because I’m fighting for kids with cancer in germany and so I’m really interested in what others are doing to help these kids.
    Many people ask, why I’m doing my campign, although I didn’t know any child with cancer and I didn’t have cancer myself. But usually I don’t tell the truth, maybe I’m just not brave enough. The truth is, when I was a child, I was sick too, I had to stay in hospital for many months too, I know what it means to feel a litte bit “at home” in hospital because you just get used to be there. But I had a completely different disease. I suffered from depression since I was 12 years old. For many years, my biggest wish was to die, because it was so hard to stand this. Not only the disease itself. It is so hard to hide this.. How to explain to your classmates that you have to stay in the psychiatrie for months, that you are too sick to go to school, but no one can see that you’re sick. It’s so hard to be the only person, that can really say, that the disease is still there. I was feeling so guilty, because as a child I didn’t really understand, that it wasn’t my fault. My mother really thought, that I was doing all this to hurt her.. she didn’t understand, that I was sick.
    I’m 20 years old now and I had to go through a lot. But now I’m feeling good most of the time and I’m so glad to be almost healthy. And now, I want to help kids, that are as innocent as I was, because no child should have to suffer.
    I know, that it’s not the same. And I think there are people out there, that would be angry that I’m comparing cancer and depression. Maybe they would say that it’s “only” depression and that children with cancer can’t just “decide” to get healthy. It’s not easy to understand that I couldn’t too. But after reading your post I thought you maybe would understand me, so I wanted to tell you this.
    Many greets.

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