I live.

I live in the most beautiful of places.
I live next to fresh flowers.
I live in a house with roommates that fill my home with laughter.
I live near my mom, dad, and sister with her family.
I live open eyed, where I can see the blue and green of the world around me.
I live next to fountains.
I live under rainbows in rain storms.
I live with nice clothes.
I live with best friends who will do anything for me, any time.
I live near a courtyard filled with oxygen giving trees.
I live near an airport, surrounded by freeways.
I live in a place where I am free to praise my Jesus.
I live with while tennis shoes.
I live near a hospital that could save my life.
I live outside those hospital walls these days.
I live in a place where I can have money.
I live in a place where I can learn.
I live in a place where I can work.
I live in a world so incredibly blessed.

The past few days have been once again, revamping my life perspective.

Last night, I attended a choir concert put on by ten Ugandan orphans. They have no parents, because they died of various reasons that are easily solved here in America. These ten smiling souls travel America singing and performing wherever they can to tell others that there are families across the world that cannot afford any food, or shelter if they are not helped.  My heart broke as I bowed my head, helpless, but able to pray.

An email from my mother shared the news of cancer moving further through the body of one of my favorite friends that I have met through the cancer world. I remember sitting in the rooms where he’s hearing the news he is these days. I know the doctors and nurses that are there to save his life. I know the look in their eyes as they share the reality that this family faces again.

As I curled up in my safe bed last night and prayed for so many, peace met me with the knowledge that I live.

I live freely, abundantly, and with parents, and opportunity, and hope.
I live without cancer, on days that they said I would never have had.
I live eternally, for I have a Savior who has saved my soul.

I have a song that’s been playing on repeat these days at the start of my last semester of college.


The lyrics are:

Can You hear when we call?
There where we fall?
Standing our backs against the wall?
Top of our lungs…hallelujah.
Where pain and love bleed into one.
Baby when all you see is darkness,
we all need forgiveness.
Coming round now.

He is there when we call. He won’t let us fall. He stand with us, and breaks down the wall.

So we scream hallelujah.

We live.

…because love wins.

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