You, good friend.

I think about what it will be like the day that you are not with me all the time any more. Each and every one of you, play such a specific and beautiful role in this life.

You paint the sky with your words, and you are among the funniest people to ever live, I am sure. You will notice the simplest beauty to remind my heart what it sees every day, without fail, each time I see you. You will smile that smile across a circle of friends that will light up my mind with the way you understand. You will email, and call, and even facebook chat to create the most perfect of moments. You let me love my life. With your jokes, and with your dreams, and your passion. You light it up with the way you listen, and the way you long to be more like Jesus.

And, you are so incredibly special. But those are not the reasons that you are most special. You, dear friend, form a special role in my life, because you were special before you had a role here.

You were bought at a price. As you fought through your childhood, your mistakes, or your agony, you were paid for. You had dreams that were created specifically for you which laid the path where you would walk. Jesus has been watching since you took your first breath, and before that even. Your toes are numbered, the size of your feet and eyes are precise, and your finger prints were painted upon you with the most incredibly hands that hold the universe. You are beautiful. You are handsome. Those are not definitions the world got to lay upon you, but instead, who you were made to be. Because as you are made, you are most perfect. You are so bright. You will not falter and fail. You have messed up before, just as I have, and you have learned. You have learned your worth, your smile, and your hopes for life. And you have been so perfectly protected all these years.

You, are so special.

You have always been so special.

Now, why would I care to write such a thing? Yeah, I know, we’re all unique. No, see, that’s what you don’t get. You are perfectly you. That is why you are special. What you don’t understand is that you are continually on a journey to be more yourself each day. You were created you, but as you realize who you are each day, you realize how much more special you are than you thought, each day too. You are just so special. As you are. Where you come from.

You just, are.

You make my life a special place because of this. Not because you are something specific to me, but because when you are truly the you you were made to be, you shine a light in my life that I cannot ignore. And when you see the special that lives within you, you push me to remember that I was made special, and that I am special too.

You look to Jesus. You see who you are. And you remind me who I am.

I am so thankful for you, good friend.

…because love wins.

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