When I look at the stars.


The ever cleansing beautiful pouring of a heart. The pieces of our hearts that we try to deeply to keep within us, not because we don’t want to let them out, but because we’re afraid of how they’ll be dealt with by the hands that are around to catch them. They prove the realness of our humanness. For whatever reason they come, it is of a deep ache or pain or fear or anger. And they express what our words simply cannot. And when someone who looks into those glossy eyes cares, we find the realest, most deep understanding that we will find on this earth. It is in a set of eyes that cares to look into ours through the tears that we see the reflection of the look of our Abba from His cross. We see a love not of convenience, but a love of things unconditional.

Sometimes there isn’t a set of eyes to see my tears. And sometimes I can’t be there to see through yours.

But when I look at the stars, I remember that there is always Someone for us both.

…because love wins.

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