These are a few.

Bonfire smell in the air.
The rest after a long bike ride.
Pondering the sunset.
Fresh baked zucchini bread.
Walking up the driveway of a friend.
White sneakers.
Hugging for a minute straight.
Going. Just going. Together.
Smiling about where we’ve been.
Dreaming about where we’ll go.
Seeing your car on the street.
The smell of Francis 3.
Leaving the hospital parking ramp.
Laying under the maple in the backyard.
Hearing your ringtone.
Knowing without a word.
When you want to hold my hand.
Seeing a message come through from you.
Driving hours for just a few.
Toes by a waterfall.
Marshmallow guns.
When you want to tell me everything.
Snowball fights.
The way you stop when you need to.
Good mornings.
Good nights.
Bald heads.
Favorite songs on the radio.
When we both miss each other.
Brown chairs and green couches.
Vacuumed carpet.
Wave pools.
Sunglasses and jean shorts.
Your real smile when it’s just us two.

(of my favorite things.)

…because love wins.

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