With you.

“Never leave,” your eyes told me as you sat next to me on this dock listening to the waves move over our toes. We said very little, but the wind covered all the things we would have needed to. The sun warmed our skin all the way to our hearts, and you reached over and just laid your head on my shoulder. We just gazed upon the same Love of our lives. Here, together, we rested. We found ourselves in the shelter of the wings of the One greater than we. I laid down, and the sky became my canvas for imagination. I looked at you and said, “Yeah. Never.”

You’re on my heart and mind even today as I sit here. Breathe with me.

I wonder what it’s like where you are. Do you think about me as often as I, you? Are you moved? Are you breaking? Are you alive and dreaming, or are you wanting something else? Do you listen to the silence, or do you speak too much? Are you giving yourself away, or are you holding onto all that you’ve ever known? Are you climbing mountains and letting words be as sweet as honeycomb? Are you learning the value of every moment? What’s your smile look like?

Can we sit down together and talk for a while?

I’d like to think that we’re always together. That when we reach a hand out to the One that we love most, we hold each other’s hands as well. There are no miles that conquer love, for love is not of this world, just as we were not created for this world.

We’ve got forever together.

Don’t worry.

…because love wins.

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