I heard a new song on the radio tonight. It’s called Lead. Have a listen.

God speaks. I assure you.


Seems nobody knows you, and nobody cares because everyone seems to be so focused on themselves. But we are Your children; Your daughters and sons. The body that You have made to tell of Your great love. So lead oh Lord just lead, ’cause we can’t walk this path alone. And be, oh Lord, yes be, the savior to a dying world. The world is a battle, of the good and the bad. So many have fallen down and never bounced right back. But You are the shelter, from the heat of the storm. We need Your strength and love more than ever before. His love is abundant, but time’s running low, so forget about yourselves and learn to follow.

…because love wins.

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One thought on “Lead.

  1. Hi Shanna!

    I’m the guitarist for Finding Fortress. We came across this blog posting and wanted to say thanks for listening and we are glad you enjoyed the song! Make sure you come jump onto our facebook page to keep track of what we’re up to!

    Finding Fortress

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