Listen, You see.

I sit in the hands of the One that is merciful to me. There is no person, no piece of accomplishment, no number of hearts changed that is going to suffice this longing deep within. It begs beyond my humanness to always be made new. It hopes in the darkness and asks for guidance even in the light. It breaks down and breaks down and breaks down as a cracker might on a hot summer day. I am so nothing the midst of it all, and yet, beyond all that I think that I face, and all that I think that I could in some way shape with my own hands, and all that I see and fear, and that could ever keep me thinking late into the night, You, You tell me that you are greater, and that You have chosen to work through me. That I may need to do nothing, but to keep my eyes on You in all things. I am seemingly, blinded by Your light so much that my heart cannot see anything else but that bloody white cross on Calvary.

You have my attention.

…because love wins.

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