Listening Lesson: Speak the heart language.

Well, hello there champs! How have you won this week? I hope in many great ways! I actually owe you all this post from last week, but was on an adventure in Denver with my cute, smart, and charming husband, so didn’t get a chance to sit down and write. But, we’re back now, so here we go.


Last week we got to meet my friend’s son, who just came home from China! She has been working through the adoption process for a year and a half and we’ve been praying and praying for this little man! We are thankful we’ll get to be a part of his life, and are so excited to see how his mom beams over him! Here’s an adorable pic of him! Also, Ray didn’t plan this outfit…just happens that great tastes find each other.

He was my listening lesson last week. He is hard of hearing and also doesn’t know English, so it’s pretty interesting to communicate with him. He was in the hospital a couple days after they came home because he also needs some major help with his kidneys. We got to stop by and play for a while. I’m a talker (shocking) so it was interesting for me to not be able to just use words to communicate with him.

But, it was also magical because we were able to communicate in more meaningful ways. He takes the time to look into the eyes of those around him, and makes sure he is listening by giving his full attention to his mom when she is gesturing things to him. He and I text funny pictures and I sure hope that makes him giggle.

While we were sitting in the hospital room, the adults wanted to figure out some of the Chinese characters that he had written. I looked up what he had written and Google Translate told me that it was the word for bright. I showed him photos of the sun, and lightbulbs and gave him a shrug to say, “Is this right?” He shook his head “no.” I’m sure that was frustrating, but he didn’t show it. I noticed that there was a Chinese word for those characters, and that it happened to match his Chinese name. I shrugged and pointed to him, and the characters, back and forth.

He nodded, and got this adorable little smirk. Just the cutest thing ever. I hope that simple action made him feel loved and understood in a brand new place to him. I hope it made it feel like home.

Listening lesson: Take the time to communicate with your heart. Take the time to learn how someone else will feel loved. Take the time to be present and be a human. Life’s about the “we’re in this together” moments.

…because love wins.

Listening lessons are once weekly posts developed by something heard or experienced in the week before. They offer insight are based in my belief that we need to listen much more than we do in a world full of so much being said. It’s simple. Listen more; learn more.

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