Listening Lesson: Being There Says A Lot.

My first love language is quality time, and that’s probably why I am such a big fan of being present in the lives of those around me. I don’t ever mind hours and hours of nice chatting, playing with friends younger than me, or doing projects with my friends and family. I think that the time when we aren’t “accomplishing” anything are the greatest moments to see our humanness. And they are often our greatest time to be feel loved.

kidsThis week I got the opportunity to spend time with a host of people who I adore. Sometimes, when life takes away things that we loved so dearly, it gives us the opportunity to be more present than we ever were before. It’s an interesting thing. Even the best work can not be as great as the power of a one-on-one conversation. 

So, what did I hear this week? I heard that sitting in a room and saying “yes” to going to church with a child means more than one would think. I heard that taking 5 minutes to look into the eyes of a child who is in a new place will impact them in a real way; in a way that will send them home rambling your name and looking forward to the next time. I learned that old friends are always roycethe best kind, even if they involve years of not seeing one another. I heard that lunch dates and facebook chats and late night texts are what keep us uplifted.

I heard that being there says a lot. I’m thankful for each moment with you all, and I’m looking forward to many more moments of being together.

Listening Lesson: Just show up for people. You’ll find the greatest moments life has to offer.  

…because love wins.

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