Where and When and What to do.

There’s a line in my favorite song of all time that makes my heart take a breath each time I hear it.

“When we look inside, we say, ‘Where and when and what to do?’ ”

It reminds me that we’re not created to do this alone. It opens my eyes over and over again to the understanding that each of us has our own set of those questions, relating to something. They always exist. They rarely make sense. I’ve come to see that the most delicate of things in our lives will ask us those questions. That our souls ask over and over again about the things that most hold us. The moments that made me cry, and those that made me laugh until I cried, hold me asking. Over and over again.

This is not all without it’s cause, simple heart. Why do we ask? Because we’ve experienced. Where do we go? Where the answer is. When? Now. What to do?

Know that Love is always the answer, and it will never leave you alone.

…because love wins.

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