I have hope in you. I still do. I know it’s been years. I know I watched you do that. I know. I know. I know. But I know the heart in there. I know who it is that you’re supposed to be. I know. I know those secrets. What you dream of and want, and fear. And it’s interesting, that after all these years, I still know. And I still know you can be free. The ache isn’t the same in me as it was then, but oh, how I loved you. How it seems, I still do. Eternally. His love. So I can’t be there, and I rejoice in the the will of our Jesus in that, but I’ll pray, for watching death in your life is not something that I can ever just sit and accept kindly.

You still shape me today, because you remind me of just a glimpse of what I’ve been saved from. From how you hurt me, I’m healed. From how you left me, I’ve forgiven. For who I know you are, I’ll still pray.

It really hurt. Oh, it did. But without it, I wouldn’t know my Jesus.

You break my heart as Jesus’ does.

And He loves you.

Believe it.

I’ll tell hundreds about the hope that is Jesus a week from now and you’re to thank for that in some ways.

Everything is perfectly placed as it should be.

Thank You, Jesus.

…because love wins.

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