That Was Me?

The journeys that we walk are not ones that were created without the most perfect of Divine brush strokes.

See that dark spot over there? That’s as it should be, for that time, you learned what light was.
See that wrinkle? That’s right. You’re only human.
See that burn? That’s only because you tried to take control and iron it out yourself. My peace is ointment. You have that too.
That fear? It’s just because your jealousy is a lack of trust. I have faith for you.
That shredded piece? That means you lived. I find it beautiful. It doesn’t have to go away for Me to be true.
That blotch of pain that shows up every once and a while? Ah, it’s ok. I know about that too. No more hiding. You’re free.
That confusion in red? Oh, little one, that’s nothing more than why you need to keep learning of Me. Heaven, dear.

That white, over there? That’s what I see. That’s what you are. And, that’s why you can hold up the other painting, and say joyfully, “This was me!”. You are not as you once were. You are made anew and forgive to be. Tell them, and speak honestly, there’s nothing to fear for the peace is already given, by Me.

Tonight, I read old journals. Oh, Jesus, You are so beyond me.

Two days until a speech at the National Youth Gathering.

And who I was 3 years ago? That was me?

I’ll tell them.

To Your glory, Jesus. Only to you.

Every part of me.

I have so much more to learn.

…because love wins.

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