Light of my life, go. go deeply. go boldly. go. go. go. go. To that city. To that heart. Beyond the glasses. The microphone. The smart phone. Light of my life, take them up and away. Take them and hold them, and shine all over the way. Light of my life, be everything and more. Open much. Close even more. Light of my life, send Your shield, hold them forever. Let dark hold nothing, evermore. Light of my life, walk the streets. Abide in the car. Light of my life, hold up the walls. Light of my life, dream for them, and keep them out from under places in backyards. Keep them from fields. Keep them from past lives, and remind them what You’ve made new. Light of my life, erase the guilt in lies. Make them whole; so that peace, they can spy. Light of my life, they know You love deeply. They know You’re enough. Now, please, cover everything.

In Your most holy name.

…because love wins.

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