Falling Humbly On My Knees.

I fix my gaze upon Your splendor as she leaves my yard. She drove up, in that black car; one I know well. We stood in the perfect light of the sun. A moment captured me that I know will never leave me. Her face was tired, as I replayed the moments I’ve watched in the past months. There’s no reason she shouldn’t be like this. Death is such a something that we cannot understand. Life, is something more that we cannot understand. So, you wonder why I keep you. And you wonder why I care to try to understand. You wonder why even when I can’t stay in the right place, and I know I might not get anything that particularly right from you, I stay here. You wonder why when you’ve stopped letting the light in, that I keep praying. You wonder, why I’m even here.


Because every single day, we ask the same question.

Why, oh why are we here?

You care to stop and ask, because you have to. So do I. So do I.

So stand by me, until forever. I’ll be what I can be. I’ll live the questions with you. And there’ll be love that is hope that we know someday, we’ll know.

I’m not afraid of anything you are.

Fall with me. Let us watch Someone else pick us back up.

…because love wins.

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