Ah, what stillness there is Your breath, Abba.
As all else continues, You and I, we hide away.
There’s a spinning top for a heart.
There’s something that adds ache to mine.
But oh, You call me close, and it fades away.
Lost, in Love Divine.
The accusations have been much.
The wonder about the definition of us.
The work. Work. Work. Work.
Some days, I wonder at what’s enough.
As still You whisper: “Be still my soul.”
For You have called me Your own.

What comfort there comes in remembering You have never left. What silence there is in the stillness of Your breath. The twirling, dancing, breeze of Your love, passes me, wraps me, meets me from above. And, on this soft day, I stop to stare. Let it captivate. Be all. Make me aware. What have You, done, Father? How, how can I be here?

These weeks, and months have been a lot.

But You have been more.

You have been to all what I cannot.

So there is nothing I can do.

But say, with all of me.

Thank You.

…because love wins.

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