Love Will Hold Us Together.

Your eyes said the same thing to me that they always have. The whisper, and the embrace. It’s the core of a soul spoken beyond what anything we’ll ever find to utter as humans. Because these parking lots change us. And maybe, there was something there that told you that we weren’t put here on accident. That we weren’t supposed to just be trapped in the chaos of a giant ball that spins forever until it stops. Maybe, there was something there that was a hand on your heart to say just loud enough that there is love. That there is love for you, and that it’s enough.

Maybe it was enough for you remember how much we love you.

“So meet me at the end of the world? I’m waiting. Meet me at the end of the world. Please save me. This could be the place we start the rest of our lives…”

You’re not going away. You can’t ever be gone. Because that last glance always gets me.

Remember,you’re not alone.

…because love wins.

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