Whom to Consult.

If you are a policy man, read Daniel

If you are getting lazy, watch James

If your faith is below par, read Paul

If there is no song in your heart, listen to David

If you are getting sordid, spend a while with Isaiah

If you are getting weak-kneed, take a look at Elijah

If you are just a little bit headstrong, go to see Moses

If you are impatient, sit down quietly and have a talk with Job

If you are losing sight of the future, climb up to Revelation and get a glimpse of the promised land

If you want to talk at anytime, that’s what I am here for.

…because love wins.

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One thought on “Whom to Consult.

  1. I just got to reading Revelation the other day, feeling the need to read more of something. So much perspective in the first few chapters of what is ahead, today’s troubles seem so trivial.

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