These Days.

Those green blue brown eyes.
Break me.
I want to take from me the sparkle.
Give it to you.
So you can have the world again.
You walked up to me,
but you’re not the mess you see.
There’s only Divine strength and love,
where love grew.
It doesn’t end here,
while you think you can’t go on again.
The world marvels.
It’s not something we’re proud of perse,
but it’s the life we’ve been given.
I know.
So let me take your hand.
Let my shoulder be for your tears.
I’ll be here to be
what sometimes I had.
To be what most of the time I didn’t.
Because these days I know.
I know so I can be here.
I’m here so I can be here.
Just be here for these days.
I love you more than life.
And, Jesus does too.
This too, is temporary.
That, I promise you, little one.
Jesus understands.

…because love wins.

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