The sun fades slowly and quickly the same over the copper of that building. That’s a new one, which will, sooner rather than later, be old. One car, two cars, three cars, zip by. Every moment, it’s moving. Every moment, it’s changing. The leaves fall on my shoulders as I walk slowly down this set of sidewalks that I know so well. The air turns Minnesota October crisp as I take a deep breath. It’ll never be this way again, I know.

My human stares to what goes beyond it, pondering why we cling so tightly to what we know, and beg it to never leave over and over again. The album of photos of adored moments rolls perfectly through my mind. Some bring tears to eyes, and some bring me almost to my knees. Some, with just a look, are enough to make me dance, and even more than that, are the ones that bring the tears from the thoughts of the perfection that was found in those moments. And I continue to wonder. At what will come after I walk from another earthly place. At how many years of experience will come, and at what there has been and always will be.

As I see the trees move gracefully around me, and the breeze dances its way around my footsteps, my eyes focus on the cross. On what has been, and what is, and what will always be.

I must admit, I love deeply, and I have a heart that longs much. I am not great with change, and I ache over things I cannot control.

But I am a human being who has been redeemed. I am a human being who has lived change, because I’ve been changed.

And I’m a human graced to know that some things will never change.

I love you all.

I love here.

I love everything grace.

And, no matter what, that’s right.

…because love wins.

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