You’re human. Like me.

The sun set while the Mayo Clinic caught our eyes. We all sparkled some as you passed some thoughts by me. “Our company? We’re in eighty-five countries. We yield about seventeen billion in revenue each year. We employ about four-hundred thousand. And, you’re changing the world through us.” I don’t really understand it. I believe, I’ve stopped trying to understand it. Every bit of this is far far far beyond me. You tell me that too. You know that’s the truth. “The only way we learn that we’re really only created to love is if we let someone else help.” We were talking about the same Someone. And your eyes told me you’ve lived lonely things. You wanted to know how the Youth Gathering changed my life. I gushed about it. You smiled. You understood. You understood me. You miss what was. You’re not wanting anything else though. Because you’re running a company that keeps you away from home and that keeps you having dinner with people such as myself. And we could all spend forever worried. We could spend forever trying. Or we could spend forever in the moment, and knowing that love will always lead us to where we need to be.

Love will lead us to more Love. Eternally. All we’ve ever lived for.

“It’s all so much bigger than us,” we laughed again.

And in that moment, we reminded each other with a sparkling eye that we’re all the same. And your fears match mine. So let us live and love. Because we’re never far apart. We’re never very different. We’re all just living for Home.

Thank you for the evening. Thank You for life.

You tell me jokingly to change the world. Yet, you are among the few that know that it can and will be done. Thank you for that too.

…because love wins.

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