I tend to be pretty wrapped in the memories of the most incredible moments of my life. That is, to say, that I’m wrapped in them all. Because they have all been incredible in some way, shape, or form. I surround myself with hundreds of photos at school. I have sixteen picture frames in my home’s bedroom. And every time I see them, there is a flash of memory. A stark realization of what there is now. Not sad in any particular direction, but reminders of change. It all changes so fast, and it strikes me most each time I change the photos. And each time I pack them up to move to another city.

Today I pack and I think about us all.

What is it like to not know you’re returning to that place?
Do I even have a clue what it’s going to be like to return to that place?
There are new people.
New hobbies.
New places.
New excitements.
New fears.
New worries.
New wonders.

But then, what hasn’t become new over and over and over again? And how many times are we bad at dealing with the change that is never really a change anyway?

Over and over and over again. And still He loves us. And still He knows what we love. And what we miss. And never leaves us, as to be one connection to it all.

I will miss this place. I will miss people that I see often now. I’ll even miss some of what I think it should be. But I won’t ever have to miss my Jesus.

And that means I won’t miss anything, and will be with you to soak up everything that’s perfect as it is.


Let’s go.

…because love wins.

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