Believe Me.

They’ll never understand this.
I don’t need them to.
This? This was Heaven’s kiss.

Your eyes tell me more.
Not a cry. Not a whine.
The Kingdom goes to the spirit of poor.

It’ll never be about what you say.
Words are but a piece of the soul.
He takes our speech; He, the Way.

I already know.
You believe. You do.
That heart? And this? They grow.

There is much beyond.
Nail pierced He is.
For me, and you, those wounds.

You feel my heart beat.
I’ll walk the same in that.
Seems we waited years to meet.

So, go, dear soul.
Live. Live. Live. Live. Listen. Live.
I hold a hand. Clutch prayer more than gold.

You, me, Him, we.
So many pieces, yet all complete.
What you see in Him, is in you. Believe me.

Oh, how far this is all beyond us. How there is nothing we can grasp but the faith in which we find each beat of our lives. Be encouraged, for you are so far from alone, that even the angels smirk at the thought. You are Israel. Lay down your shield. He’s already built one chosen for your pulse. Together, we walk. Eyes forward. Hearts reminded. Hearts remembering. You’ve been here, for some time much longer than I know. Forever, I’d say. Just as long as life goes.

…because loves wins.

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