Hold On.

Your letters sit with the pink bow on top of them, a few feet to my right. The room is finally clean. The laundry’s being done. Heading out the door on a Friday afternoon to sell chainsaws alongside my 57 year old best friend; father. You, and your facebook inbox smiles. You, and your email folders. Phone date tonight? Yes, please. New tires for the car, oh, we’d do that for you. Lunch warmed. Lunch eaten. Sun sets. Sun rises. Hugs in parking lots. Hospital rooms. Roofs. Fields. Airports. Garvin. State after state after state, after city, after seminary, after home, after college. There’s something to the core of that. There’s something that makes that 30 second hug hurt when it lets go. Even in the dark, we can still see the light.

There’s something there that we pound our fists to fight for.

Love, will keep us together. It’s gonna be alright. This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Be who you are. Let me see it. I’ll let you know me. The whole world will know that we’re not alone.

…because love wins.

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