Why your life is your “purpose.”

I guess the age 24 is when everyone starts to think that they have to have everything figured out. At least that’s what it looks like in the 20something world in which I live. We’re done with college, we’re supposed to go to bed on time, understand health insurance and have the best friends who are just what we wanted to make us grown into the ideal person we think we should be at this point. Because obviously everything we decide right now is going to be how our life will be forever. Right?

There’s a cliche that I kind of really dislike about this time (and really any time) of life.

“What is my purpose and how do I find it?”

When songs aren’t about love and heartbreak or dogs or alcohol and clubs, they’re about trying to make the right choices. I’m just going to jump out on a limb here and tell you that you’re going to mess up some choices, and that that’s okay. It’s oftentimes like we think if we don’t choose the right person to date right now that we’re going to marry or who to “invest” in to have a longtime friend, we’re failures. I mean, come on, think about it. You think that about yourself, don’t you?

Well, here, let me help. Want to know your purpose and if you’re finding it?

You have it. And you found it! Congratulations! So stop being so hard on yourself.

Your life is your purpose. If you’re dating someone who you won’t be with forever but don’t know that yet, date them with kindness, patience, and love. Maybe they’ll meet Jesus in a new way. If you hate your job and think that a better one will solve everything, hate it with kind words and grace. Maybe that place needs to meet Jesus in a new way. If you’re sick and can’t work, or mentally ill and no one knows it, do your best to let Jesus love you while you wait it out.

Your life is your purpose.

As a professional speaker, there’s this element of “fame” that sometimes follows me around. I always tell people that anyone who can talk or sing into a microphone is instantly treated like they’re someone special. That’s just America – that’s not all of life. Jesus is all of life. Which means whether I’m doing things that are glorified by society as “making a difference” or I’m cleaning my kitchen floor, I’m making just as much difference as I should be, as long as my life belongs to Jesus.

You’re not a failure because you’re not on the news and not everyone knows you. You’re not a failure because you aren’t married yet, or you are married and your marriage is hard. You’re not a failure if you yelled at your kids today or if you didn’t give money to the homeless man on the corner. You’re not a failure if your life belongs to Christ and you are walking with Him daily.

So do you want to know that you have a purpose and that you’re changing the world?

Take a deep breath and feel alive.

Jesus is your purpose. Just let yourself be loved, and know you’re making a huge difference just by being alive.

And I love you too.

…because love wins.

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