Everyone dies.

I know we know.
Because I know we’ve all been close.
If you haven’t, thank God.
A heart in tact if only for another day.
People who stand when they know this.
They aren’t strong.
They’ve just been so weak,
that they know they have,
nothing left, but
still have to walk.
But everyone dies.
And some die at 1.
And it’s always too soon.
For everyone who waits.
For everyone that lets another go.
For every mom who observes
a birthday where a celebration ought to be.
For every sister and brother
who play hide and seek
with one less best friend.
For every father who
tries to hold the tears
but can’t hold anyone
tight enough to make
the pain go away.
So we all know that
everyone dies.
And still,
it takes deeper breaths
than we have ever breathed
and bigger tears
than we have ever cried
to stand up
and take another step.
It’s not going to be okay
in a day,
just because we know it’ll all
be okay.
But it will be.
You know that.
I know that.
We don’t have a thing to say.
Just a hug,
a tissue,
and a set of eyes that
“Sooner or later,
I swear, we’re gonna
make it.”

Everyone dies. And it wouldn’t be so hard, if Heaven wasn’t so far away.

Love everyone today. Let your heart break. Let your eyes look up knowing that sooner or later,
we’ll make it there.


…because love wins.

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