There is a fire within you.
Don’t think  you know it?
It’s not quite what you think.

You think it’s the bold.
The loud.
The forwardness of your person.
But it’s quite the opposite.
It’s bright.
It devours the darkness.
It makes things beautiful.
It’s enjoyable.
It’s marveling.

It’s the feet you put on the floor when you awake.
It’s the way you do the dishes with a smile on your face.
It’s how you are soft when everyone is so mean.
It’s the confidence to let them spit at you.
To let them strike your cheek.
And then strike the other.
It’s that gentle touch.
It’s a willing prayer.
It’s a heart that listens.
It’s a tear of compassion.
It’s letting go.
It’s being calm in traffic.
It’s breathing deeply the ocean air.
It’s a baby’s cry.
And a mother’s kind word.

It’s what the world calls hope.
And it lives in you.

You don’t have time to let anything else live in you.

Love needs to win always.

…because love wins.


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