Who says?


“You’ve got every right to a beautiful life. Who says? Who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not worth it? Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting? Trust me, that’s the price of beauty. Who says you’re not pretty? Who says you’re not beautiful?”

Sometimes, pop music can be cool. I won’t give credit to it very often, but then sometimes, there are songs that come on, that just scream what the world needs to hear in a way that they’ll listen to. So, above, is a summer song that I’d listen to with you, if you wanted to go on a car ride. I like the song for a few reasons. First, she’s beautiful. And, she’s just skipping along in the streets telling the world that they are incredibly valuable. And, she’s beautiful, actually not because her make up is nice or because she’s got a lovely dress on, but because her heart is fighting for something beyond herself.

In years of making friends, shaking hands, standing on stages, sitting in hospital rooms, and breathing deep at sunsets, I’ve had an immeasurable amount of time to see what someone believing they’re not valuable can stop them from doing. First, it stops them from smiling. And there are few things in life that break me more than a person who has them-self convinced that they have no need to smile. Any smile, I assure you, is one of the most beautiful things on this side of Heaven. More than that, once in a pit of lack of value, one cannot look beyond themselves. And when looking at oneself, there is no time to see the brokenness is every person all around them. Only when we look outside ourselves do we see the sets of broken eyes in other beautiful people that tell us we’re not alone. And, finally, when one believes they’re not valuable, they do nothing to help another, because they believe they can’t.

Let’s blow all that up with some truth, shall we?

You are incredible. The world is completely wrong in the way that they value worth, so whatever they said to you that keeps you from feeling alive, is probably wrong. You need no man to hold you to be beautiful. You need no woman to affirm you to be a provider to the world. You aren’t a mess. Your past is not too much for others to handle. You can try. You will fail. And then you will get back up. We all will. It’s what makes us human. You were not made to be like the people in magazines. Every pop song does not define what life is supposed to be. Alcohol does not fix anything. You can deal with what’s broken inside you. Because when the light meets the dark, it disappears. You can dance. You’re even good at it, because you are who you are. You were made with that color hair and that eye color, it’s striking on you, because it’s you. Stop trying to be someone other than who you are, because you’ll never be happy as anything else, because your pretending only keeps you from actually letting people love the real you. No one has the same standards for you as you have for yourself. You are responsible to live only to what God would have you live for. You are strong enough to say no. You are able enough to say yes. You will not falter and fail over and over again simply because you have before. Have some respect for yourself. You are not just someone’s dirt rag. You can smile when everyone is mean. You can hold firm when everything else is falling apart. Jesus will never leave you, ever. Driving the speed limit really isn’t that uncool. It’s actually right. You don’t need to spend money to keep up with everyone. They can stop spending it, and find the freedom you find in watching a sunset. Your gentleness is extremely attractive. Wanting something you don’t need and wanting it bad, is not good for your soul. Anyone who you should be with, will build up your soul, and will find Jesus in you as the most attractive part about you. Relationships aren’t a matter of choosing someone you choose to have for a while, but a matter of honor. Laughing at jokes is absolutely beautiful. You can run fast enough. You don’t have to make sure everyone else is happy all the time. You are hurting over the same things that everyone else is hurting over. Try hard in school. Learn everything you can, so you can help everyone else. You are valuable. Stop thinking you’re stupid. We all have all of eternity to learn. You don’t have to speak in perfectly painted elaborate sentences to be heard. I like your corny jokes that you make when you’re comfortable and are letting your soul be alive. Everyone does, because that is Jesus for them, in your honesty. You don’t need to be trapped in things that aren’t fun, because everyone does them. You aren’t a failure, ever, just in case someone lied to you about that before. Please, don’t date someone that wants more than they give. You’re worth more than that. It is not your job to do anything but abide and know Jesus. Jesus, He thinks you are so much more incredible than you think you are. He knows what you did, and will do, and simply wants to save you from the things you do that you do because you think that you must because you think you’re not worth anything more. Stop it. Breathe. Smile. Dance. Dream. Listen. Laugh. Try new things. Do all the cliche things that everyone in high school was afraid to do and deemed “uncool.” Travel, and answer your phone, and call people, simply because you can. You know, they probably really want to talk to you. Because someone reaching out to them makes them remember that they’re beautiful. You speak loudly when you’re silent. You don’t really have to hide behind your arrogance. You can talk about what’s hard, and find a life you’ve never had before. Your pride is the only thing that keeps people from helping you. Remember, you’re not weak when you need help, you’re human. And are beautiful. It really doesn’t matter what people say, when you’re living it right.

You’re right. You’re not perfect. You’re imperfectly perfect, just like the rest of us. Give yourself a break, and know…

You are so full of worth.

Their opinions are all nothing compared to the truth.

Thank you for being here.

…because love wins.

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