There is beauty in the breakdown.

There are days that appear with the crashing of a train that creeped in like a kitten at their start. They were soft as the sun rose, and as the ground was covered with a glowing light that made all things seem easy to see beautiful. And then, out of nowhere, the sounds get loud, and one finds that they are standing before the rushing of something they cannot grasp. It speeds by and the watcher becomes all too overwhelmed too fast by what was once so easy to grasp. But this too, is fascinating. It’s moving fast, and it’s making so much clamor, that one wishes to see how close they can stand to it, before falling. At the edge of the tracks, they can feel the air, and know the friction with the ground, yet, they do not fall in the midst of the speed. It’s a challenge, as they are pushed back. The tears start to fall and they long for the beauty again. But they know that in these moments, they have not fallen, because they have grown stronger. And this is where the pessimists are divided from the optimists. When they realize that the beauty isn’t always in the simple, quiet things, but also, that there is such beauty in the breakdown.

…because love wins.

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