If I could.

If I could take away the pain from you,
If I could teach you everything that would bring life,
If I could hold your heart,
If I could tell you it’s all ok,
If I could free you from the chains,
If I could clear your mind,
If I could show you who you were meant to be,
If I could say no for you,
If I could be your strength,
If I could be your motivation,
If I could look you in the eyes,
If I could say that there’s more,
If I could remind you to remember in your heart,
If I could show you what you live for,
If I could throw it all away for you,
If I could wrap you in love,
If I could make life be all that you see,
you know I would.

But, dear friend, these things I cannot do. For my own humanness would be futile to save you, and I wouldn’t try, for I know there is something greater. I know it’s a struggle, and I know this life throws pain, and you trip over it sometimes. But you have not fallen. And you will not fall. Because there is One greater than me, and One that can do all the things that I only wish I could.

What can I do? Just keep watching the beauty come from a Father holding his dear child. You are so precious. And you are so free.

I’ll walk with you. And we’ll live forever.

Oh the depth of the riches and the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgement and His paths beyond tracing out!

Life is full, in a way we can’t even understand. And it’s all for you.

…because love wins.

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