The sunset surprises us each time we see it painted across the sky.
We’re shocked when lights turn on when it’s dark in a room.
We’re in awe when the first summer storm rolls through.
When we learn how to drive cars, we’re surprised that we can.
When our first cake tastes good, we can hardly believe it.
When a baby first looks into our eyes, our breath is taken away.
When we see the ocean the first time, all we can think to do is try to understand.
When someone dies, we’re surprised how greatly we loved them.

And all of these moments are surprises. Beyond all our wants and fears and more specifically our planning, there are those things that we could not ever plan for, held tightly in the hands of our Abba, to show us goodness in the moments we least expect. So what should we do? Let go of the plans, and trust that God will surprise us. And that His surprises are always the most beautiful things.

And that they’re usually completely unexpected.

And always more perfect than we could ever have known.

That’s how you got here. And I’m thankful for it.

I love you.

…because love wins.

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