Not Here.

Do you hear that?
It’s a heart beat.
Created the day in which,
Your Abba,
thought you into being.
He breathed life within you,
chose the color of your eyes,
dreamt with you of all you’d do,
and life as it would be,
a surprise.
He was already seated with you,
on the throne,
and in the valley.
He knew each tear,
and knew your life’s balance.
He anticipated the silence,
and when you’d need a hug.
He knew he’d never say:
“No, right now,
you’re too much.”
He’s been patient.
Roaring like a lion.
Walking in the sun,
dancing in the rain,
and with you, giving a smile.
He would never say He’d leave,
for He never has.
Because He’ll always stop with you,
and listen,
and forever hold your hand.

Remember now, there’s always you and Him. Remember, from where you’ve come.

As we sit here and overlook this all, You smile with me, and dream with me, and gaze upon each thing; big and small. We fall in love and are best friends, and all fear is gone, and all hurt finds itself in mend. You know the grains of sand, and the hairs on my head, and you whisper to me secrets of life, and conquering of death. You aren’t like the rest, and you don’t give as the world gives. You remind me that love covers a multitude, and there will actually, really, one day, be nothing but bliss. So for now, You breathe with me, in and out and in and out, and tell me that You know. Know that I wasn’t created for this world, but that while here, standing on You, You’ll let glory shine, and never, ever, will You let go.

…because love wins.

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