Footy Pajamas.

You sat on my lap. The smell of baby blankets moved upon me as you bounced your little footy pajama green feets, as we like to call them. The train went around and around and around and around and around and each time we learned to wave goodbye to it. Your bright eyes looked up at me and we said everything we needed to. You listened when I told you you couldn’t touch it, and then I set you down to chase me crawling around your mommy and daddy’s house. You giggled while your cousin ran you up and down the hall that had become a race track. You had corn all over your face from your Christmas meal, and sat at the window captivated by the snow. Your little fingers wrapped around my pointer as your eyes started to drift off. Another day, we lived. Another day, we experienced. Another day, you changed my life. I never knew someone that left such small footsteps could leave such a big imprint.

What a miracle you are, little one, for you’ve reminded us of Love again.

Merry first Christmas, best friend.

…because love wins.

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