I know your story.

I understand you.
Can’t you see?
Why have you made this so complicated?
What are you looking for?
Why must you want to be so empty?
Do you know how empty you are?
Do you know the way you break our hearts?
That love you see isn’t fake, you see.
No? No, you can’t see?
That’s why I pray for you.
You’ve gone.
You’ve come.
But you didn’t stay.
Not long enough to hear what the story was,
that you were to whisper to the world.
No, it’s not about me.
Please, realize even now, I’d lay down my life for you.
Realize now, that we’re not about you.
We can’t start this over.
It’s been years already.
I’m not afraid for me.
I’m not afraid for them.
Will I see you with me forever?
Will your forever be with Him?
You see we sit next to each other.
It’s not because I want to prove anything,
but because love is all I truly know.
So I suppose,
going would be best.
Or maybe you’re to stay.
But listen to what my eyes say.
Look and realize,
you want more than you.
I remember when you thought that I,
that I, understood.
I still do.
And I pray you could too.
The one who understands the only way to really know, is to let it go.

Father, my heart is only after You.


…because love wins.

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