I Know You.

You see what others cannot, and that I believe. We walk the same path, therefore, I can know who you are, because I know how Jesus can be. There’s a whole lot that we cannot explain, and there’s even more that we wouldn’t want to. You ache, as I watch you resonate with yourself as they break down your being. You tell me of forgiveness, and what you cannot say your eyes tell me. It’s like I relive what you’ve lived, and leave with nothing but greater admiration. And with all the things you see, there is something you do not. There’s that part that you’re blind to. The part that I know. It’s what I see when I look at you. It’s why I don’t turn away. It’s the hope you don’t have in yourself, that Jesus has for you. It’s what I see, that gives me hope, that you will forever be free.

I can hardly believe this. But faith tells me so.

“I’ve come to see that one of the greatest gifts in all of life is that of being known.”

…because love wins.

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