Mix It Up.

Honestly, I laugh at what this life is. Every day, I walk around and laugh. “How is possible to be so happy?” you ask me. Hahaha. I have no idea. His name is Jesus. There’s a WHOLE lot about Him that I don’t understand. Marketing. I am delighted to read that book. I want to hug you all. I want to live it all. I walk through the pouring rain and you tell me about the Holy Spirit. It freaks you out a little bit. Yeah, that’s ok. You long board all over the place, and it’s incredible to watch you be. I snuggle with a dinosaur and a giraffe and pass thoughts about people that are held in my heart. You help me with emails, and you answer my crazy phone calls. And I climb those stairs and look into your eyes.

And then, I sit, and I listen to the rain and to the cars go by.

Life cannot be more beautiful.

…because love wins.

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