Forever My Best Friend.

You used to throw softballs at that plastic target in the backyard.
You weren’t the best, and sometimes played the bench.
It didn’t matter, you didn’t know, because what I saw,
was a hero, with footsteps to match.

I adored you as you grew.
I missed you as you left.
You’d come home and annoy me,
which ended always in laughter in bed.

I remembered tonight,
when you would come in the car when the fever got me.
You were my best friend then,
enough to catch vomit, and next to me, just be.

Now you have that little boy,
and you smile like you never have before.
You dream of forever,
and protect with your heart.

You still mess up sometimes,
though play less bench now.
Would still catch my vomit,
and do get in cars when I’m down.

I’ve learned to not take you for granted.
There are things that will change too fast.
But you have been here for all those thus far,
and know without my words, perfectly my past.

So keep walking,
for I’m still watching.
And know that I don’t thank you enough,
for everything you do; it’s so beyond enough.

You know where to tickle me.
You remember my dreams.
You’ve seen me cry.
You’ve laughed to tears.
You’ve made me food.
You’ve let me share with you.
You’ve been more than a sister.

You’ve shared it all, being who no one else could be.
Making you my sister, but more, forever my best friend.

I love you.

…because love wins.

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