A Love Story.

What is a love story?

Two people, slowly or even swiftly find themselves being consumed with thoughts and actions of another. In a world full of billions, there are those few who begin to stand out. Who aren’t the other thousands that won’t get the early morning phone calls or the tears that come in the moments of loss. They’re the ones that hear the giggles and they’re the ones that feel right to be shared with. They should be there all the time. But they don’t have to be, to be found of the same character. Every moment seems a dream for they allow the first character to realize there’s more happening in this Divine conspiracy than they know. Every moment, begs to be told again to these ears that listen, begging them to be forever.

They hurt. They love. They hurt. They love. They live. They die. They live. They die. They live. They hurt and love and live and love and die and live and love; together.

People used to tell me I needed some sort of prince to walk up and take my hand and then I would know love as the story that everyone wants to tell. I’m not so sure that’s the truth, because every moment of this that I live seems to be wrapped in something I cannot explain with the simplicity of words. Every tail gate in Best Buy, every late night Dennys trip. The sparkle in eyes and the ache when we walk away. And, the realization that we have forever together. You weren’t put here because you would be here just for a moment to remind me of something. You weren’t put here just because I needed to tell a story as Forrest did. You are more than that. I can’t say why, but I know I feel it in every thought of us. Every single moment.

Moments with you sparkle before me, and replay within me, and you, dear friend, have been and will always be a lead role in my love story. And the world wonders how it works while we’re swept away in a dream that will always be a story worth telling.

So a a love story? Well, that’s us.

Thank you for being a perfect piece of this beautiful mess of love.

…because love wins.

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