Let’s See How Far We’ve Come.

A butterfly passes drifting outside my parent’s small home. The leaves rustle as a green notebook dotted in Words in which I find my future; my now. Every once and a while I sit down and play a certain song. It brings me back. It takes me forward. And it lets me see how far we’ve come. What love we’ve seen. What love we know.

You have a son, and a husband. And a home. And are proud to be a child of God.
You’re overseas. Touring. Learning. Becoming. I hope for you.
You’re fishing alone, and watching sunsets. You know you’re not normal.
You’ve moved south. Learned to listen. Went where called.
You’re letting God in. Over and over and over again.
You’re going back to the cancer. You’re getting up, and even smiling. Day after day.
You’re in my life. You know where you’re going. You know we’ll be fine.
You’re growing in confidence. Standing in healing. Knowing redemption. Slowly, but are.
You’re home with me. You’re leading me. You’re helping me. No more anxious. Always my best friend.
You hand me a Bible. You drive hours. You always have a hug. You run your business for Jesus.
You? You’re still recording, this time for me. You’re being everything your Jesus wants. And, you’ve become a part of this family.

You’re right, it really is the best group of best friends in all of the world. Built beyond us. Built Divinely.

“…Under the tree, You call us to be.”

Oh, Father, it’s how this has all come to be. The beauty is astounding.

…because love wins.

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