For Hope.

You looked at me with that smoothie in your hand. “Where should we go?” Your voice was that familiar tone that makes me smile. “Wherever we’re led, I suppose. Let’s just see.” The smile of affirmation you shot my way sent shivers of life into my heart. Up the hill. Down the hill. Right. Left. Left again. Maybe another right. Every turn, just going where, well, we went. Past homes, and families. Couples walking, and cars puttering.

We made it to the bridge before we looked up with tears in our eyes. Could that eternity length painting be real? Could it really be for us? Could there really be the possibility that breathing into us was the Creator of all of this? The questions were without number.

The sun shone on your dark frames. That little black hat, definitely didn’t shield your eyes as you gazed. I gazed. Nothing should, from such a light. We got lost.

Lost in the moment.

“Rest, and I will supply…”

The corn field was perfect. The sound of the air, more beautiful still. The stillness of a smile. Just a smile.

Memories replayed in the form of soul moving memories within me. Silence. Ache. Dreams. Peace. Then there’s you. Here with me, in this. All else seemed to fade away as the notes and rays wrapped their arms around us. We hadn’t any words, as this quickly became a memory we knew we’d have to leave to the Divine to explain. There was nothing left to say. All was just as it should be.

The journey became one of peace, without knowing where we were going, but knowing that after it all, we’d end up at home, together. Everything is an metaphor. Everything, everything here, and there, wrapped within me, is a metaphor for hope. We chased the light. We had nowhere to go but to the light. It took us deeply within and without at the same time. It was what we longed for. We couldn’t seem to get close enough to the beauty. Yet, it was already surrounding us.

A fort. A tear. A video or two. Tens of photos. S’mores ice cream. Simple conversation. Big conversation. Ache. Joy. Laughter.

Everything, for hope.

…because love wins.

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